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In actuality, Information Technology is the use of computers and
software to manage information. In some companies, this is referred to as Management Information Services (MIS) or simply as Information Services (IS). The information technology department of a large company would be responsible for storing information, protecting information, processing the information, transmitting the information as necessary, and later retrieving information as necessary.



  • Infrastructure Software: These include OS, middleware and databases.
  • Enterprise Software: These automate business process in diverse verticals like finance, sales and marketing, production and logistics.
  • Security Software.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software
  • Contract Programming


  • Akruti Multilingual Software: Software is Indian Language Software, available in both Multilingual and Bilingual format. It provides the user-friendly interface in Windows environment. It comes in a range of products taking to all types of need and usage. It is available to suit the needs of a professional as well as a person who wants to use it for the feel of his/her mother tongue. The brand name Akruti is originated by the company Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd. (CML) at Mumbai & Bangalore established in 1986.
  • Akruti Next: Having 100% Unicode compatible fonts in 13Indian Language with custom installation. Popular Keyboard Layout like English Phonetic,  DOE Inscript, Typewriter. Works with WinXP to Win7 and with most windows based applications.

  • Akruti Next+: Having Unicode compatible fonts as well as Regular fonts in 13Indian Language with custom installation. Popular Keyboard Layout like English Phonetic,  DOE Inscript, Typewriter. Works with WinXP to Win7 and with most windows based applications.

  • Akruti Publisher Pro(Ori+Dev): Having 50Fonts of Oriya, 68Fonts of Devnagari(Hindi), Unicode Fonts & One Indian Cliparts CD Media additional. User convenient Keyboard Layout like English Phonetic(For a new fresher), Shreelipi, DOE Inscript & Typewriter. Works with Win98 to WinXP and with all applications.

  • Akruti Vistaar(All Languages):
    • Supports windows environment from WinXP to Win10
    • Font Independent Technology (FIT)
    • Works with MS Office, OpenOffice, PageMaker, CorelDraw, QuarkExpress, Flash, PhotoShop, Internet Explorer etc.
    • Multiple Keyboard Layout like English Phonetic, DOE Inscript, Typewriter, Akshar, ShreeLipi, Akruti Executive, Shabdaratna, Anglonagari,  ASDN, MTNK etc..
    • Multifont Engine to type in any Layout with any other vendor fonts like APS, Shreelipi, CDAC, Kruti, Shivaji, Sulekh, ITR, Indica –Chanakya, Web Fonts etc..
    • All Font Converter Tools (ACT)
    • Non Unicode fonts as TTF & Type1 fonts.
    • Unicode fonts, keyboard Drivers and Converter
    • Spellchecker in Indian Languages (Oriya, Hindi, etc.)  
    • Transliteration
    • Electronic Dictionary in Indian Languages (Oriya, Hindi, Gujarati etc.)
    • Sorting in Indian Languages
    • Database Utility
    • Type Assist
    • Akruti Word Tools
    • Desktop, Client Server, LAN Version and Corporate License available
  • Akuti Dynamic Fonts: Dynamic fonts are web based fonts, which are automatically downloaded on the user system whenever the site is visited. Dynamic fonts are required to view text composed in Indian languages since composing requires special vendor specific fonts. Dynamic fonts can be used for developing web sites, which do not have user interaction in the form of composing in Indian languages. These dynamic fonts can be both in the case of static and dynamic web pages.

Quick Heal Antivirus:

  • Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against malicious threats that can sneak into your system when you are browsing the Internet, checking mails, chatting, etc. Upon installation, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, trojans, spywares and other malicious threats. It also provides security against new and unknown threats with Quick Heal's renowned DNAScan® Technology.
  • Quick Heal Internet Security 5–in–1 Protection of AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Firewall, AntiMalware and AntiRootkit which will protect your PC from viruses and spywares. Blocks attempts of infection to your PC by new malware that tries to exploit vulnerability from remote PC.
  • Quick Heal Total Security 10-in-1 Protection from viruses, spywares, and hackers which will protect viruses, spywares, malwares, data theft. Apart that you can scan and clean mobile phone connected via Bluetooth or USB cable. PC optimization can be done thru PCTuner software. Now parents can control which websites or categories of websites their kids can visit and how much time they can spend on Internet. This simplifies the task of parents, as their kids can enjoy a safe surfing experience on the Internet.

Tally Accounting Software:

  • Tally.ERP 9 with Pay-roll: Tally.ERP 9 – the latest evolution of the Tally series-took 3 years and the dedicated efforts of 200 developers to create. It has grown from a basic accounting package into a simple-yet-sophisticated business management software product. Comprehensive capabilities allow Tally.ERP 9 to meet the needs of small to large businesses with dispersed operations.
  • Tally.ERP 9 – Auditor's Edition: While Tally.ERP 9 has been designed to enable a modern business, the special version made to complement it - Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors' Edition, is meant to empower CAs in their practice.
  • Shoper 9 - When it comes to retail/point-of-sale (POS) business management, there's very little choice beyond Shoper 9. A culmination of intensive R&D, this mature, ready-to-go product which incorporates the smartest ideas, provides quick implementation and intuitive usage. A host of retail verticals rely on Shoper 9. It can scale and will provide 'information-at-the-fingertips' to managers of chain stores. The affordable Shoper 9-the latest product from Tally-can be adapted to meet unique requirements and will save time, increase accuracy and provide real time reports.


We have tied up with different National Distributors and Distributors to deal their respective products like HP, COMPAQ, IBM, LENOVO, DELL, ACER, SAMSUNG, HCL, APC, WeP, EPSON etc… for fulfill the customer Odd/Even requirement very smoothly.